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Now thiiiis is exciting! This is innovation! Finally do what nature has done for billions of years, harness power the sun , what a thought! It can start private for individuals & company’s who can afford it then catch momentum & we can finally force the gov to do something for the public and planet! Sign me up! Be The Change!

Argentina select team airplane to Brazil #WC2014

Argentina select team airplane to Brazil #WC2014

True Release … To Connect…

At the moment of orgasm, you transcend your separateness and there is a moment when you merge together. For most people that is the direct route to a spiritually transcendent state. What you learn to do in a lot of yoga forms is awakening the sexual energy, not to the point of orgasm – but just to the point where you draw the energy up the spine into the upper chakras, and you use your partnership to keep awakening that energy.

Happy Office is A Serious Business…

One of the questions I’m asked most often is, not specifically related to lifecoaching, spirituality or psychology is “Are you happy all the time because you’re an entrepreneur?” 

The mythology of entrepreneurialism is powerful. You answer only to yourself, set the rules, and make your own decisions. What’s not to love? The leap out of safe, corporate life seems so daunting; the assumption is that those who manage to make it never regret the choice. More times than I can count, men and women, both young and old, have cornered me to ask, “It must be great to be your own boss! Is it everything you ever dreamed it would be?”

Thus far, I have had the decency and self-awareness to stop myself short of bursting out laughing. Because, as anyone who has founded a company understands, entrepreneurialism is more like a mental illness than a state of nirvana. 

As cheesy as it sounds, you feel compelled. You can’t stop thinking about your idea and how to make it better 24/7. When you’re showering. When you’re driving. When you’re breastfeeding. When you’re supposed to be clearing your mind in yoga. The follow-up question to: “Are you happy all the time?” is often, “When did you know you wanted to leave the safe corporate life and take this huge risk?” I often try to explain that none of it happened that way, at least for me. It felt less like a leap and more like a gradual melting away of other plausible alternatives. I never jumped. I just put one foot in front of the other with the faith that I was headed in roughly the right direction. Wiser entrepreneurs have described their founding process as a weary realization that it’s what they had to do – in spite of the impending pain and heartache. As unromantic as it is, there is often no leap. There is only a steady, unwavering pull (or push) to start something new.

Entrepreneurialism is a never-ending lesson in humility. If you are an effective entrepreneur, you end up hiring people smarter than you are in every function. After all, a founder can’t do every job in a company, and her role is to find experts to run all the different parts of the business. You end up reporting to a Board smarter than you are, who has been there before, scaling organizations and keeping track of the signs of peril. Finally, you end up serving consumers who are way smarter than you in knowing what they want. All you can do is commit to learning from all these amazing resources to do better tomorrow than you did today.

Most importantly, entrepreneurialism feels like optimism. For me, the most powerful thing about being an entrepreneur is how it pushes me to be a better person every day. I want to build a better way for women to connect and empower each other, to have more fun, to explore, and to take more risks outside their comfort zones. I want to build a great company, where we treat each other well and come up with the best ideas. 

You don’t start your own company because you want “freedom from the man” and have hopes of being happy every day. You start a company to achieve a goal, and sometimes the journey is fun and sometimes it’s painful, most of the time both at the vry same time. So no, I’m not happy every day in my life bc of being an entrepreneur. I’m more engaged and connected, to everything which makes it all so well worth it…


Life began with waking up and loving our mother’s face. My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual & physical education I received from her. To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow all within the same instance…
A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.
So on this very special day I give all the love I have in my breathe, heart, mind & soul to all mothers, grandmothers, soon to be mothers, mother figures and anyone who at anypoint was considere that great loving word “MOM” bc we all know There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one…

Happy Day Mom…

I believe that a life of integrity is the most fundamental source of personal worth and growth. Practicing what you preach and living congruent with this integrity and sense of moral is vital to expanding your horizon.

I do not agree with the popular success literature that says that self-esteem is primarily a matter of mind set, of attitude—that you can psych yourself into peace of mind. 
Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles,  values and in no other way short of these beliefs of being a better human being than you were yesterday.
Four simple ideals you should let go of in your quest for happiness…

Most people have it wrong.

Most folks think that by gathering more stuff,
they’ll finally find happiness.

But often, you can find true happiness RIGHT NOW,
in this moment, simply by letting go.

Here are 4 things that you can let go of that will
make you a happier, more peaceful person by the
time you hit the sack tonight:

1) Let go of the need to impress others.

If you’re a human being, chances are you care about
what other people think of you.

After all - we are naturally social creatures!

But if you find yourself spending too much of your
time, money or energy trying to impress other people
and get their approval, you’re not being true to YOU.

There’s no need to try and be something you’re not,
because who you are right now is Incredible!

Focus instead on living the most authentic version
of yourself ands by doing so you’ll find the best version of yourself within that given moment and fit perfectly onto the greater universal plan. Aim higher, strive be what you were intended to be rather what society thinks you should.

When you fully embrace who you are and share it with
others, you’ll find that people will appreciate how
REAL you are and will flock to you effortlessly. :)

2) Let go of the need to be right.

Sometimes when we feel we’ve been mistreated or
misunderstood by someone, we can get caught up
into wanting that person to admit they’ve
wronged us.

And we want an apology!

Or at least acknowledgement that we are right and they’re
wrong. :)

The problem is that not all human beings see things
from the same perspective. In your world, you’re
right… but in their world, so are they.

There are definitely times where an apology is necessary.

But most other times, rather than allowing feelings of
negativity to take root inside you and start spilling
over into other areas of your life, it may be best to
ask yourself this:

"Do I want to be right? Or do I want to be happy?"

Often it’s just our ego that keeps us holding on to past
resentments and upsets. Instead, consider letting go of
the desire to be right and you’ll find you’ll instantly
restore happiness and contentment in your life.

3) Let go of the desire to gossip.

I’ve heard it said that gossip is just a cheap way to make
yourself feel good, and I have to agree.

We all know that gossiping about other people is… well, not
so good.

But when the people around you are doing it, it can be easy to
slip into doing it, too!

Consider though that the quality of your life depends on the
quality of the conversations you have.

If you want to live a more fulfilling life, start by embracing
the power of your word. Your voice is powerful! And what you
have to say makes a difference.

Be committed to having more positive conversations about
things that matter… not people… and you’ll be surprised how
quickly you’ll brighten your outlook on life.

4) Let go of the past.

It’s easy to dwell on the past, especially when the future is
so unknown!

Looking to the past can feel safe… we know what has happened
and we know what we could do to change things… if only we
had the chance.

The truth is though that you never will have the chance to
change the past.

Not unless scientists finally invent a time machine. ;)

Your past has served its purpose - its brought you to the
place you are today and made you the person you are now.
And who you are right now is absolutely perfect.

Be grateful for your experiences, but know that NOW is all
you have. So do your best to enjoy each moment. Give
yourself the gift of being present!
To your everlasting happiness,

A client, lets name her Cristina, who, like so many others, was looking for love. She called me in frustration, asking why she wasn’t getting the results she wanted with a particular young man she was interested in. She said, “I don’t understand it. I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction, which says to focus only on what you want, not on what you don’t want.” She felt that was exactly what she’d been doing, focusing on him and picturing the two of them together.

Moving From Focus to Obsession
When I asked her how often she did this, she told me that she thought about him all the time—when she got ready in the morning, when she was driving to and from work, and when she went to bed. From morning till night, she zeroed in on him dozens, perhaps hundreds, of times per day. Unfortunately, that was precisely the problem. Cristina hadn’t realized it, but she’d moved from focus into obsession, and she’d done what so many people do—ignite the energies with paradox intent.
It’s healthy to concentrate—even determinedly so—upon your goal, but you actually lose your focus when you become overattached. Your unhealthy investment reduces your positive creativity and poisons the harmonic energy of attraction, completely reversing the direction of your desire.

Obsessing about something you don’t have makes you unconsciously brood about what you lack, totally dismissing the present value in your life. Your urgency about getting what you want shouts at the Universe that you don’t care about—or appreciate—anything else. This act of dismissal creates a dark vacuum of energy, one that nobody wants to support or even be around, and the Universe has the same response. Instead of generating the results you long for, our paradoxical intent becomes a black hole of obsessive longing, destroying any positive outcomes that may come your way.

The Source of Desperation
When I pointed this out to Cristina, could see how the patterns of her relationships had always gone the same way—and how she’d accelerated her own disappointment! Her palpable longing was energetically picked up by every man she became interested in, sending them running. In order to change this, she knew she had to get to the bottom of things. It was necessary to look into her quantum psychology to find out where this desperation was coming from.

When we investigated her history and beliefs, we were able to discover the source. Her father had been distant and unavailable, a extremely capable breadwinner, but totally uninterested in being a loving father. Melody sought his affection and approval throughout her childhood, and when she became an adult, she projected that need onto the men in her life. She hadn’t realized it, but a part of her even embraced the belief that until she had male approval, she wouldn’t be happy and could never really approve of herself.
Of course this only made her go after love more aggressively. Every man she met became a potential partner, instantly causing her to become clingy and obsessed. And whenever someone didn’t call, she went further into obsession and bitter urgency, digging herself deeper into her paradox. Not only was this attitude dishonoring to her, it was absolutely poison to her desire for romance.

Building A Hologram of Self-Love
In order for Melody to find love—and even more important, real happiness—she needed to build a new hologram of self-love and self-approval. So we created a multilayered approach, one that would deal with her present emotions and conclusions as well as her history. She was willing to work through it because like most people, when she learned that the Universal laws could only return her own energy and consciousness to her, she was finally motivated to understand and change.

5 steps to getting “unstuck”

IT’S BEEN AN INTENSE and at times threatening past few months for many of us, either due to devastation from weather, unexpected job losses, sicknesses, accidents, government financial defaults, or just plain daily disappointments, and I’ve had a number of clients tell me that they just can’t seem to rise above the undertow of negativity and fear all of this stress has brought about and now feel terribly depressed or worse, and really stuck. I can relate. I, too, have faced more than a few serious disappointments and challenges, none of which I expected, and yes, it does leave one feeling out of control and vulnerable… at least at first. Later realizing the power behind being truly vulnerable and well as letting go over control.

Change is An Opportunity to Grow
Yet, once we absorb the initial shocks of change, loss, or disappointment and begin to adjust to the upset and trauma such things bring about, it is important to remember, on a soul level, that all changes we face carry with them an invitation from our Spirit to move past these temporary conditions. This is so that we can live at a higher, more free, more honest, more authentic, and more creative and divinely conscious level than the one we were living before our loss or upset.
In response to the many who have written to say they are stuck, or to help those who may get stuck in the future, I’d like to share my technique for moving through pain and loss and connection to our Higher Self as quickly as possible for guidance and healing. I read about it in a book called Just Listen by Dr. Mark Goulston and with some of my own small modifications I find it works well for me and I hope it will work well for you, too.

Moving Past Grief and Loss
According to Dr. Goulston the key to moving successfully through loss and back to higher living is to respond to loss in the most grounded, honest, and creative way possible. To that end, he suggests that we essentially have three brains; a reptilian brain, or “fight or flight brain,” an emotional or feeling brain, and then our higher awareness or creative brain. This, of course, greatly simplifies the brain and the various ways our brains function, but for our purpose of working through upset and trauma quickly, this simplistic understanding is enough to get us through loss and back on track to recuperation.

In order to move through the negative feelings of loss and despair and be able to tap into your creativity and intuition, you must move from the reptilian brain response, through the emotional response, and then on to the higher Spiritual response as quickly as possible. Only there, in your Higher brain, or mind, or Spirit, (my version) can you hear the voice of your intuition and follow this inner guidance to higher ground. This sounds difficult but in fact can be done easily by using this 5-step method to move onward and upward when faced with upset, loss, disappointment, or any other unpleasant situation.

Here Are 5 Steps To Get Unstuck
Begin by imagining that you are stepping onto a small five-step ladder, each step leading you away from the problem and toward the intuitively guided solution or new direction.
Close your eyes and take the first step, saying either to yourself or out loud, (I prefer out loud.):

Step 1. OH %%$@!!! (This is the first reptilian fight or flight response.) Then take two deep breaths.
Then mentally step, problem in mind, up to

Step 2. Then say quietly, or out loud, “OH my God!” Again take two deep breaths.
This step moves us on to our emotional victim response.

Step 3. Next, move up to the third step and say, “Oh NO!” Then take two deep breaths. This step takes us further into the emotional and even denial response.

Step 4. Continuing, move up to step 4 and say, “Oh Well!” This step walks us out of denial and into an acceptance, and now detachment response.
And finally step onto the top step, into your Higher Self, your Higher Consciousness, where in your mind’s eye you can see clearly once again and say,
“OK! Now what is the solution?”

This final step opens the door to full acceptance of the event and now gives us access to a receptive intuitive response.
At first these five steps may take a while to move through, but if you practice them like a drill, moving more and more quickly through them each time you face an upset, the more quickly you can calm the emotional waters and the undertow of fear, and get connected with your Intuitive Spirit who can then guide you safely and in a grounded way to a productive creative response and move you to higher ground


Global Instagrammers: From Moldova to New York, Thailand and Latvia

Through Instagram, it’s possible to visit every corner of the world. In our Global Instagrammers series, we travel the world by asking people to share their favorite Instagrammers from another country.

@spatari: Chișinău, Moldova

Alex Spatari (@spatari) is a 26-year-old television producer living in Chișinău, Moldova, who joined Instagram shortly after it launched in 2010.

"I’ve met a lot of amazing folks from different countries," says Alex. "I love Instagram accounts that have some theme or idea. I truly admire people who can find a subject and build the whole story around it."

When asked to pick his favorite Instagrammer outside of Moldova, Alex chose @visualmemories_. “Great atmosphere, simplicity, faded colours make you feel nostalgic about New York even if you’ve never been there.”

@visualmemories_: New York, United States

"Photography has always been a hobby of mine," says Jomayra (@visualmemories_), who is 28 and works in real estate. “But thanks to Instagram I definitely developed a deeper love for it while allowing me to open up and be confident.”

Jomayra chose Thai Instagrammer @rockkhound. “I’ve been following him for the longest time. He has a creative eye for new perspectives.”

@rockkhound: Bangkok, Thailand

As a 25-year-old flight attendant based in Bangkok, Thailand, Tom (@rockkhound) has a chance to travel and explore new places for work. “I’ve had a chance to meet so many people I found through Instagram that I now call friends.”

Tom chose Latvia Instagrammer @contour7. “He is a minimalist. His work is cool, clean and always fresh.”

Want to find more great people to follow? Check out these posts from The New York Times Magazine's “The 6th Floor” blog: Instagram Envy Chain: Sochi Edition and Down the Instagram Rabbit Hole.


Clearly Dope Balloon Art


Clearly Dope Balloon Art



Grooving to Jazz Rhythms with @dadsdiscdelights

To view more photos and videos of Zoë and her dad’s favourite vinyls, browse the #dadsdiscdelights hashtag follow @dadsdiscdelights on Instagram.

When London Instagrammer Zoë Timmers (@zobolondon) saw the comments on her contribution to a Weekend Hashtag Project for Father’s Day (#WHPthanksdad), she knew she’d stumbled upon something special.

Her submission was a portrait of her dad holding one of his beloved Miles Davis vinyl jazz records, Tutu. Seated in his custom-built music room in their Buckinghamshire cottage, now housing a 70-year-old collection of 10,000 records (he bought his first record in 1942), the photo drew comments from a number of enthusiasts asking questions about the album, history of jazz and the genre’s musicians.

Zoë decided to start a dedicated feed—@dadsdiscdelights—to further share his lifetime passion and knowledge of jazz with Instagram.

"Around my early teen years I discovered that the common thread in most of the music I had been hearing and had liked since a small boy, on radio and on record, was jazz," says Zoë’s dad, who has worked in the music industry most of his life. "I started reading about jazz as much as I could, listening to radio jazz programs and pestering record shops for information. I hope to put before Instagrammers a lifetime jazz lover’s view and opinion, as opposed to some dry, learned observation."

"He was surprised people were engaging in the comments," says Zoë. "Being quite specific and asking questions. It became a forum for hardcore ‘musos’ but also those finding jazz for the first time, as well as people who just like the way we shoot it."

Zoë takes all the photos, and her dad writes the captions after their conversations about which records to feature in what order. Zoë publishes to Instagram, and her dad responds in comments.

"The challenge is to get the essence of a piece of music across in 15 seconds," he says. "Visually of course it’s about attracting the viewer’s attention in the first place, and hopefully they’re drawn in and want to know more."

"For me it’s a way to spend more time with my dad," says Zoë. "I have been trying to find a way to share the huge knowledge in his head. I wanted him to be able to share his love of music."


Don’t let the media warp your perception of beauty. Beauty is pizza. 


Martin Luther King Jr. - B.A. in Sociology, Morehouse College, Class of 1948.


Martin Luther King Jr. - B.A. in Sociology, Morehouse College, Class of 1948.

How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.
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